Brain health

Brain Health.

This may be overwhelming but take it easy. Step by step. Get used to it. You'll see the benefits for sure!

You see, people think that we should dream about a Resource Based Economy, follow TVP or the like. Let's build a new society, a city, a community...

Ok, go about doing those, although they seem quite unachievable. Society doesn't change like that, it evolves, and emerges. We have to focus on what the problem is, not what the solution is, because solutions follow problems. And they are multiple.

In any case, if we do not take care of people's brains then we go nowhere. If most people spend their time on facebook, twitter, youtube, netflix, and the like, consuming like consumers, trading their attention and overall brain for nonsense content, then we cannot build anything. We cannot even start a discussion about creating a different society.

So here's where TROM comes in and helps. Since the human brains are mostly exposed to the online world, we are building a different online world for these brains.

Listen! Here's how you can take care of your brain and your friends' brain.

1. Start with your device. If you use a mobile phone then we can't help you for now, but maybe in the near future. For now you can replace your computer operating system with TROMjaro. . This operating system is fast, easy to use, customizable, stable, and removes all of the bullshit. No more ads, trackers, no more trades. It comes with a plethora of useful tools and features out of the box. It is the basis of your digital world, the foundation.

Use our library of trade-free apps if you are searching for a particular app Click install. That's all!

2. Read our books. They are well sourced and a direct attack to and a dissection of this society. . Click and read. You can also download them in PDF.

3. Watch our videos. We put a ton of effort into these and are on the same par with our books. . Click any and play.

4. Stay informed with sane news. - we put a lot of effort into this one to bring you nonstop news from all around the world. No political bullshit. There are several sections there so you can also watch a ton of curated educational videos, amazing photos of our world, and more. Use TROMnews as your daily brain food.

5. Give up movies and switch to documentaries. If you think this is irrelevant, stupid, or boring, then you do not understand how important it is to fill your brain with real and awesome information. Documentaries are not boring if you watch the right ones. Reality is unbelievable. And important. Via we make thousands of such materials available as trade-free. We have documentaries and courses. Give them a try. We hand curate them.

We even have a Smart TV that takes these materials and streams them nonstop. See

6. Give up these ad-platforms that call themselves as "social networks" like facebook, twitter, youtube, and the like. If you want to create posts and share with friends, keep in touch with them and all that, use our social platform . No ads no bullshit. You are in control. Learn more about it here And if you want to upload your science/technology/activism videos use our video platform . Again, no ads no bullshit. No trades. The more you spend your time on those ad-networks, the more mush your brain becomes, thirsty for consumerism, lacking awareness, not understanding what is happening in the world, and wanting more nonsense content. Don't let that happen! This move can seem hard, but do it! Else you'll become like the rest.

7. Give up the basic internet tools you are using that are consuming yourself. Slack, Google services, search engines, etc. See our where we have a ton of such alternatives that work great. Also see our Trade-Free Directory where you can search for more such tools. From messengers to search engines, you name it!

You TZM, TVP, and the like people, use the TROM decentralized chat instead of the BS Discord, use our Files for your documents and collaborations, use our Send to send files, and so forth. We built these tools for you and everyone else.


We do a massive amount of work to create a different world for the brain. One that's realistic, honest, smart, sharp, alert, and one that can see the world for its amazingness, and the society for its awfulness.

If you do not get why this is important, then you don't get it. We run this entire alternative digital universe with some 200 Euros a if you can help us keep it, please also consider a donation -

We work on a new big documentary and more tools.

Help yourself! #tromlive

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Tu gyveni planetoje o ne Lietuvoje.

Recommended trade-free TV https: //

You do not live in UK, USA, ITALY, GERNANY or Lithuania. You live in the planet and it is our home. Why are we so re.arded and destroying our home?? Learn how to live at
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Išmanus automobiliai

Automobiliai tampa išmanusiais, taigi jie taps kaip ir telefonai. Taigi pridės į automobilius beverciu funkcijų, kad galėtų daugiau parduoti automobilių. Pridės funkcijas tokias kaip: auto Parkavimas, skirtingas vairavimo stilius, ekrano stilius ( povogs iš Linux) ir be to jie galės valdyti automobilį, jeigu nesusimojejai už naują ekrano viršelį - negalėsi užvesti automobilio. Ir viso to problema yra PREKYVA. Ta pati sistema sukūrė bankus ir kitus dabar esamus korumpuotus produktus ir paslaugas. Mėgaukitės idiocracy, skanaus!
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I think this image sums up pretty well the current stupidity, where people fear the vaccines without knowing anything about vaccines.

Instead of listening to a world-wide scientific consensus, they think it is more reasonable to listen to some facebook or youtube personalities.

Doubt is necessary. But uneducated and unfounded doubt, is dangerous.

If the primitive minds of the so rich tribes do not want the vaccines, give them to those poor tribes that need them desperately.

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Do not move the trash from one place to another

The idea of banning and censoring people online, is as good as that of shipping your country's waste to Thailand, China or other poorer countries. Sure, you'll say: "But look how clean US or Germany are...." Of course! Because you shipped all that waste to poor countries that are full of garbage. That's how pretty much all websites do it nowadays. They ban many people, and these people end up on "alternative" social platforms that have to deal with this garbage and they do not have the resources of doing it.

And guess what happens? Thailand, Indonesia or other countries become a source of pollution: water, air, soil. And they dispose the waste into the oceans. And then US and other rich countries realize that the air is polluted, the water is, and so forth. Same thing happens online where these marginalized (banned) humans grow in numbers in these "alternative" places where they bake all kinds of crazy conspiracies, and these crazy ideas then end up again on the same social platforms that booted them.

The circle of "life". Because much in the same way that waste is not a US or Germany problem, but a global problem that needs a global solution, online conspiracy theories are not a Facebook or Google problem, they are global internet problems. And both cannot be solved if we move the trash from one place to another, just to keep our backyard clean. The same garbage will become worse and bite you in the ass eventually.

So keep these in mind. Humans should take the time to understand these problems and deal with them. But who has time when everyone is busy trading trading trading. That's all they know. More stuff, more stuff, more stuff. We are doomed! #tromimg
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TROMfiles provides as much storage space as iCloud, 5GB. But TROMfiles comes with a proper Office Suite at your disposal, easy to share files/folders, even the ability to create a drop-in upload folder for anyone who wants to upload files to your account; a whiteboard; livechat, file history, photo gallery, music player, file conversion and a lot more. And the collaboration on files is really amazing.

It is crazy to think that us, at TROM, can provide such a service that in terms of features rivals or is better than a service provided by a multi-billion-dollar-company. This is thanks to the Open Source world of software!

Unfortunately most people will not use such services because Apple locks them inside their walled garden, and humans are also too busy or ignorant to ever change anything in their life, even trivial things like hosting their files with a better and free service.

But well....we will continue to provide such tools for those who care. #tromlive
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Check the weekly recommended documentary on - Project Poltergeist. #tromlive
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Žmonėm kurie nepagauna kas tas trade-free projektas ir kodėl tai yra daroma.

Rašau šį postą, nes labai nusibodo girdėti ir atsakinėti į replika ''bet tau reikia pinigų ir tu ta patį darai ką visi''. Pirma aš nedarau ką visi. Nelabai matau trade-free verslininkų, projektų ar produktų. Kodėl man reikia pinigų, todėl kad žmogus žiūrėdamas į trade-free projekta ateina tik patrolinti , o nuejęs toliau save pardavinėja, todėl ma reikia pirkti to žmogaus šlamšta. Vietoj trolinimo geriau pasiūlyk savo produktą kaip trade-free, tai man nereiks pinigų pirkti tavo šlamštą. Trade-free tai pavyzdys kaip tai daryti. Nebijok nieks nepuls imti tavo trade-free produktų- nes kaip ir tu žiūrės ir tik trolins, o kas supranta kas tas trade-free neims ir nepiknaudžiaus tavo produktais ir paslaugomis. Uždėdamas trade-free ant savo produktu tiesiog padedi skleisti idėja. Kai pradedi suprasti kas tai- tai pats paimi ir kuri trade-free produktus, mums nereikia kad tu spamintum trade-free idėja, tai moko tave suprasti kur yra problemos. Jei nenori suprasti- tai praeini pro šalį ir toliau paradvinėji savo šlamštą. Ačiū už dėmesį ir gerbkite tuos žmones kurie teikia trade-free paslaugas, tik jų dėka galite pajusti kas tai.
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Rekomenduojamas dokumentinis

Rekomenduju pažiūrėti dokumentini apie teleskopus. Labai įdomiai papasakoja apie tai ką žinom ir kaip tai žinom.
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Laimingu Naujujų Metų

Praeitų metų Spalį, Joel Muthike išsikasė sau mirties duobę, padegė savo namą ir stovejo ginti su pagalsta mačete jei kas bandytų užgesinti gaisrą. #Kenya tikiuosi šitie metai bus geresni, beprasmis pinigų žaidimas verčia žmones nusižudyti. Laimingų Naujujų Metų.
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Pagaliau išėjo dokumkentinis parodantis covid teisybę

Pagaliau išėjo dokumentinis apie covid teisybę. Labai gerai matosi kur problema- trade. Prekyba ir pinigų žaidimas dėl savo kišenės naudos, jei nebūtų TRADE, tai pandemija būtų lengvai sustabdyta. Ir tai yra priežąstis daugumos pasaulio problemų.

Rekomenduoju atsisiųsti nes mažai seedriu ir sunku gauti

Ir išmokti kaip kurti trade-free produktus

Ponas Limonadas

At jūs esate ponas Limonadas, kuris išgeriate limonado tiek per savaitę ir pripildote siuksledeze net nesuspaude butelių. Ir paskui skubdziates dvi savaites, kad nėra kur šiukšlių mesti?

#idiocracy #ponaslimonadas

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OMG! credit card for kids

What retarded ADD I found today on nextdoor app, this is sick.
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The person who created this add attacked me with this. This is sponsored add and all banks doing it- if you don't like it don't buy- my response: if you don't like my post(add) about and add: don't consume, don't comment just go pass
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Trade-free online fitness on app

Trade-free fitness workouts online with notifications and personal trainer watch. Just send me a message with your email and you will get log in details
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O taip atrodo TROMjaro su ryzen 9 3900x and 64gb

Kuris labiau patinka?
Puikiai rendina 15 minuciu video per 5-8 minutes

@tromjaro @tradefree #linux #freepc #tromsite

Tai atrodo TROMjaro su intel 19 10900
#tromjaro #linux #freepc #tradefree

Tromjaro Updatinosi truputeli i intel 9 10900 ir 64 gb ram.
vidiems trade-free asmenis sitas pc nemokamai

#tromjaro #tardefree #freepc
jeigu žmogus turi smegenis tai nesupisa. Nuo pat įsteigimo buvau LT Qanon grupėje Telegram. Žiūrėjau jų video ir baksnojau į klaidas. Taip užknisau, kad patrynė iš grupės. Vėliau kvietė atgal, bet nėjau, nes čia jau tikrai atvejis kai gaila laiko. Raimondai tu nori, kad žmonės žiūrėtų valandų valandas utopinių idėjų, o pats negali, net poros laidų pažiūrėti. Kaip tu gali konspiracijos teorijų etiketę lipdyti nė vienos laidos nuo pradžių iki galo nepažiūrėjęs?
kiekvienas zmogus turi smegenis ir ne vienas nera nei durnas nei protingas, gali tureti tiks megenu pazeidimus(liga) o kaip supranti pasauli tai negalima vadinti protingu ar be smegenu( paziurek dokumentini the wolfpack) apie 6 vaikus kurie nebuvo isleisti iki pilnametystes is namu ir apie pasauly zino tik is filmu. tarde-free tai era utipija pilna paslaugu ir produktu trade-free. as ziurejau karta ten tu video - tai iskart ziuriu yra ads yra trackertiai is kur gauna pinigu, ir jeigu yra tai sikart as ju nebeziuriu nes ten kalba pinigai ir keksiavimas. thehighwire net nera idetas i tromnews- nes teikia neadekvatcia info. tas pats jeigu idetumeme 15min ar delfi o tromnews :) mums net reikejo daug kai kuriu saltiniu isjungti nes buvo spaminama apie ta supista covid-19 - juk negalim aptikrinti visu video ar info- tai geriau ismetam viska kad negaist laiko.
paziuresiu kai turtesiu daugiau laiko, pirmo linko puse video praziurejau- nemanau kad dabaigziu nes neadekvati in formacija, o kito 3 valandu video 15 minuciu praziurejau ir prameciau - gal paziuresiu idemiau.

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Updated TROMjaro system

TROMjaro system have new spec intel i-9 10900 plus 64gb ram:) plugged old sdd from old system and working fine- plug and play :)
#tromjaro #tradefree #computer #linux
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Tromsite mini knygute.

Padariau šiandien mini knygutę, kurią galima atsispausdinti and vieno lapo išnaudojant abi puses. Tiesiog lieka susikarpyti. Jos keliaus su kiekvienu siuntinuku. Fun!
Galite atsisiųsti ir atsispausdinti tinklalapyje
#tradefree #tromsite #books #lifestyle

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Tromsite mini book

Made a mini print book( life in the monetary system) you can print in one A4 page(double side) and just cut it. I will include this books in every parcel. You can get the print files at SUCKLESS tromsite enjoy!
#tradefree #tromsite #books #lifestyle
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Nuostabioji TROMjaro operacine sistema thru daugiau galios. Ryzen 9 3900x procesoriu ir 64gb ram atminties.
Jei reikia apdirbti video ar dideliu failu, prasom kreiptis vietininiai. Ir kompiuterus tik trade-free asmeniui.
#tradefree #tromjaro #nemokamai #uk #en3
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TROMjaro turi naujos power :) nuostabu!

Celebrate I Love Free Software Day on Feb. 14 with the FSF and @fsfe! Tell the world why you love free software with a custom graphic, and try out some free communications tools to share the love:
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Add your mustard (german: “Senf”)

Many claim: “Reliable video conferencing? Only big companies in Silicon Valley can do that”. But these companies are repeatedly criticised for endangering our privacy and the security of our computers.

As students in Darmstadt and Karlsruhe, we were forced by our universities to use the applications of such companies. That’s why we want to show that video communication for digital family visits, web seminars, teaching and conferences also works with data protection. With Senfcall we offer videoconferencing via the open source software BigBlueButton™. The advantage: to use Senfcall you only need your web browser – no additional software that creates new security holes.

So that you can also use privacy protecting video conferences.

#bigbluebutton-instance #videoconference

More here:

We are doomed... today, the TV series "Germany's next Topmodel" started and probably millions of people are watching that shit. You can see young woman walking on a catwalk, making photoshoots etc. - that gets the attention of (not only) young kids who already have twisted values because of TikTok and other social media and they want to become like them: to become a model and a star and to get fame and attention from others. It makes them seek for approval/recognition by external things (how they look like, what clothes they wear etc.) and it also makes them ignorant about the fascinating world and the ugly society we live in. Beauty is nothing more than a subjective thing and we have a book about that called "The ugliness of beauty":
I can also recommend our book "For profit entertainment" which explains how our trade-based society promotes and perpetuates these kinds of ridiculous, exaggerated and nonsense TV series to get as much attention as possible from people:

and btw, this is just the tip of the iceberg - there is so much more crap in television, that I don't even want to mention it.
#tromlive #tromimg

I researched a bit about ynh backups and seem easy. I can grab them locally and all that. Still some questions in my head about that, but so far so great. It means we could have 2 great servers for trom and tromland at about 25Euros a month. Thats all.

Here are the services we want to provide: etherpad (unlimited), friendica (unlimited), nextcloud (for now 2GB limited - as much as dropbox offers for free - but we will also include openoffice so anyone can edit documents collaboratively), pixelfed (unlimited), cryptpad (100MB - this amazing tool is geared for documents. 100MB should be enough for now. To put it in perspective, all books we've wrote for TROM, thousands of pages in text format, are around 50MB), peertube (1GB limited - this is tricky, we cant provide more, but 1Gb is enough to do livestreams and then save your video locally if you want - so that we provide peertube as a p2p live stream solution for anyone kinda), lufi (file sharing 2GB, 7 days file storage), rss bridge (unlimited), invidious, biliogram and more such services. Plus SearX ofc.

We tested them, but need a month or so to properly test and setup ;)


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Pablo Escobar’s Successors

Colombia’s cocaine production dropped after Pablo Escobar’s death. But today, it is soaring again. The South American country has once again become the world’s leading producer of the drug. This documentary follows the trails of the cocaine cartels.

Watch it here:

Pablo Escobar’s Successors

Colombia’s cocaine production dropped after Pablo Escobar’s death. But today, it is soaring again. The South American country has once again become the world’s leading producer of the drug. This documentary follows the trails of the cocaine cartels.

Watch it here:

Be prekybos(trade-free) video ir filmų šaltinis

Be prekybos(trade-free) video ir filmų šaltinis. Čia yra atrinkti profesionalūs dokumentiniai ir kai kurie filmai kurie turi reikšmę ir kažko išmokina jus. Kiekvienas video yra peržiūrimas(curated) prieš įkeliant. Šituos video sunku gauti, nes jie neatlieka prekybinės vertės, po išleidimo dažniausiai nukeliauja i nežinią. Šitame tinklalapyje pateikimi tokie video, kad jums nereiktų jų ieškoti.

Čia pateikta dokumentika, filmai ir mokymai.

Dauguma panašių tinklalapių kaip šitas labai greit pradingta, nes jie buna priklausomi nuo vieno vidinio šaltinio. Videoneat priklauso nuo bittorent tinklo(pear2pear). Taigi kai norite pažiūrėti dokumentini tiesiog pasapuskite ant MAGNET nuorodos ir atsiiuskite su savo torrento programa. Šitie video yra PUBLIC DOMAIN, tai neturėsite pirtavimo(copyrwrite) )problemų.

Gedro žiūrėjimo ir tobulėjimo.

#videoneat #tradefree #tromsite #education
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Priežastis visų pasaulio problemų

Kas sukelia šiandienines visas pasaulio ir žmonių problemas. Atsakymas yra labai paprastas- prekyba(trade). Žmonės tarpusavyje prekiauja ir nesuvokia, kad tai sukelia labai daug problemų.
Jei norite sužinoti daugiau apie tai - skaitykite trade-free knygose čia
Taip galite skaityti neperkrautame tinklalapyje
Šitas projektas yra be prekybos(trade-free)
Viską galite imti nemokai, tiek knygas, tiek video, tiek trade-free operacinę sistemą TROMjaro.
Tinkallapis turi Lietuvių kalbą, tiesiog nueikite i tinklalapio galą ir atrasite skiltį pasirinkti kalbą. Visą tinklalapį galite išversti ar pataisyti vertimą, tiesiog pažymėję varnelę. Visas knygas galite išversti taip pat.
Sprendimo būdas visų problemų yra labai paprastas- kurkite be prekybos(trade-free) produktus ir paslaugas. Tokių paslaugu ir produktų yra labai daug. Apsižvalgykite čia.

#tradefree #tromsite #tromjaro
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Nemokamai Trade-free ssd 500gb atminties ir usb 4gb su tromjaro operacine sistema

Nemokamai Trade-free ssd 500gb atminties ir usb 4gb su tromjaro operacine sistema.
Imkite nemoamai jeigu esate trade-free(be prekybos) žmogus. Kad passimti pasidalinkite savo trade-free produktu, daugiau trade-free produktu galite rasti čia
#tradefree #nemokamai #tromsite #freestuff

Nemokamai Trade-free ssd 500gb atminties ir usb 4gb su tromjaro operacine sistema

Nemokamai Trade-free ssd 500gb atminties ir usb 4gb su tromjaro operacine sistema.
Imkite nemoamai jeigu esate trade-free(be prekybos) žmogus. Kad passimti pasidalinkite savo trade-free produktu, daugiau trade-free produktu galite rasti čia
#tradefree #nemokamai #tromsite #freestuff

haha, I am blocked by Facebook yet again...a few weeks ago they banned me for 1 day for posting a meme about "not following the herd", like "think for yourself" kind of thing. Nothing violent or nude, the two things fb doesn't like. Now they banned me for 3 days for posting a link to a video of ours entitled: 06. Michio Kaku - Born Scientists. A video about how to think like a scientist....I is perhaps the most friendly video we have haha, and so innocent.

FB banned me a couple of times in the past too, for similar reasons and I tried to dispute the claim and all that. Now you can't even do that. You have 0 options. Not that I care, but just saying...

See...this is the problem of "managed" social networks. FB and the like, are so big and rely on ads and huge profits, that they will chop heads left and right so that they keep their platforms "clean" for their "ad-partners". And you can get kicked off any day, for any reason, since they have automated systems to detect content and if they label your innocent content as bad, since they are so big and you can't contact them, then you are a collateral damage. And they are fine with that. Youtube banned so many of our videos it made it impossible to rely on it anymore. Any day now, they can completely shut down our entire Google account like they did a few years ago for months.

Internet censorship is really awful since it is the place most people spend a lot of time on. And I rely a lot on this Internet so I need a place where I can voice my views and post my content, without always being in fear of being kicked out and lose all of my work. I chose to move from Facebook to Friendica since Friendica is a lot better in so many regards. I don't fear that Friendica will be like FB, but I do fear "managed" social networks. Who knows, maybe I'll post something too "radical" for Friendica and they will ban me too. They have this power. I can move to another instance, and that's great, but not super convenient. So I am not 100% relaxed on Friendica or any other similar social network.

I moved from YTB to PeerTube, and there too is a lot better, yet I am concerned that they can kick me out any day they is more unlikely than youtube, but can happen.

The solution I'd say, it is something like - a social network that it really is trade-free, in the sense that you connect directly with people from your own computer. No middle man like it is on FB or Friendica. No one can kick you out of this network. They think about implementing a sort of "reputation" inside the network, so that if many people block you, then the network will kinda ignore you, however if you follow me there and I follow you, you can always see my posts and interact with me. I am testing scuttlebutt these days to see how it is and I plan to make a podcast with the people behind it. So far I love it, but I don't plan to move there any time soon. Friendica is still a great place, but as I said, I really hate that there is someone watching over my thoughts and can decide if I am able to express my thoughts or not.

The future of social networks and websites, should be distributed p2p, with no one in control. Connect directly with people.

I moved from centralized servers like fb, twitter or ytb, to decentralized servers like friendica or peertube. My next move, in the future, will be to move to no servers. That's when I'll feel free to speak my mind. ;) #tromlive

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Tai koks siūlomas sprendimas? Atgal į natūtinius mainus ir gentis? Kaip Amišai?
Tikrai ne. Negaliu trumpai paaiskinti 1000 puslapiu knygos ar kitu 30 knygų. Kas tas trade-free kol kas supranta tik 10 žmonių iš visos 8 bilijonų žmonių.
Ir man atsakė ALEXIO(kuris rekomendavo) apie freenom domenu registrą.
I know about the potential issues with FreeNom and how to deal with these.
Hint: you need to be patient and wait.
However, since we will be using these for trade-free services, just remember:
"the ones who offer, should not ask anything in return the ones who receive, should not have to give anything in return"
O sprendimas labai paprastas- kurti trade-free produktus ir paslaugas.

Next TROM-Cast - discussing about the very popular, yet misunderstood notion of "mental disorders" with two of the most vocal scientists in the field. You can send us questions at #tromimg


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