Brain health

Brain Health.

This may be overwhelming but take it easy. Step by step. Get used to it. You'll see the benefits for sure!

You see, people think that we should dream about a Resource Based Economy, follow TVP or the like. Let's build a new society, a city, a community...

Ok, go about doing those, although they seem quite unachievable. Society doesn't change like that, it evolves, and emerges. We have to focus on what the problem is, not what the solution is, because solutions follow problems. And they are multiple.

In any case, if we do not take care of people's brains then we go nowhere. If most people spend their time on facebook, twitter, youtube, netflix, and the like, consuming like consumers, trading their attention and overall brain for nonsense content, then we cannot build anything. We cannot even start a discussion about creating a different society.

So here's where TROM comes in and helps. Since the human brains are mostly exposed to the online world, we are building a different online world for these brains.

Listen! Here's how you can take care of your brain and your friends' brain.

1. Start with your device. If you use a mobile phone then we can't help you for now, but maybe in the near future. For now you can replace your computer operating system with TROMjaro. . This operating system is fast, easy to use, customizable, stable, and removes all of the bullshit. No more ads, trackers, no more trades. It comes with a plethora of useful tools and features out of the box. It is the basis of your digital world, the foundation.

Use our library of trade-free apps if you are searching for a particular app Click install. That's all!

2. Read our books. They are well sourced and a direct attack to and a dissection of this society. . Click and read. You can also download them in PDF.

3. Watch our videos. We put a ton of effort into these and are on the same par with our books. . Click any and play.

4. Stay informed with sane news. - we put a lot of effort into this one to bring you nonstop news from all around the world. No political bullshit. There are several sections there so you can also watch a ton of curated educational videos, amazing photos of our world, and more. Use TROMnews as your daily brain food.

5. Give up movies and switch to documentaries. If you think this is irrelevant, stupid, or boring, then you do not understand how important it is to fill your brain with real and awesome information. Documentaries are not boring if you watch the right ones. Reality is unbelievable. And important. Via we make thousands of such materials available as trade-free. We have documentaries and courses. Give them a try. We hand curate them.

We even have a Smart TV that takes these materials and streams them nonstop. See

6. Give up these ad-platforms that call themselves as "social networks" like facebook, twitter, youtube, and the like. If you want to create posts and share with friends, keep in touch with them and all that, use our social platform . No ads no bullshit. You are in control. Learn more about it here And if you want to upload your science/technology/activism videos use our video platform . Again, no ads no bullshit. No trades. The more you spend your time on those ad-networks, the more mush your brain becomes, thirsty for consumerism, lacking awareness, not understanding what is happening in the world, and wanting more nonsense content. Don't let that happen! This move can seem hard, but do it! Else you'll become like the rest.

7. Give up the basic internet tools you are using that are consuming yourself. Slack, Google services, search engines, etc. See our where we have a ton of such alternatives that work great. Also see our Trade-Free Directory where you can search for more such tools. From messengers to search engines, you name it!

You TZM, TVP, and the like people, use the TROM decentralized chat instead of the BS Discord, use our Files for your documents and collaborations, use our Send to send files, and so forth. We built these tools for you and everyone else.


We do a massive amount of work to create a different world for the brain. One that's realistic, honest, smart, sharp, alert, and one that can see the world for its amazingness, and the society for its awfulness.

If you do not get why this is important, then you don't get it. We run this entire alternative digital universe with some 200 Euros a if you can help us keep it, please also consider a donation -

We work on a new big documentary and more tools.

Help yourself! #tromlive


Pagaliau išėjo dokumkentinis parodantis covid teisybę

Pagaliau išėjo dokumentinis apie covid teisybę. Labai gerai matosi kur problema- trade. Prekyba ir pinigų žaidimas dėl savo kišenės naudos, jei nebūtų TRADE, tai pandemija būtų lengvai sustabdyta. Ir tai yra priežąstis daugumos pasaulio problemų.

Rekomenduoju atsisiųsti nes mažai seedriu ir sunku gauti

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Ponas Limonadas

At jūs esate ponas Limonadas, kuris išgeriate limonado tiek per savaitę ir pripildote siuksledeze net nesuspaude butelių. Ir paskui skubdziates dvi savaites, kad nėra kur šiukšlių mesti?

#idiocracy #ponaslimonadas

O taip atrodo TROMjaro su ryzen 9 3900x and 64gb

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Tromjaro Updatinosi truputeli i intel 9 10900 ir 64 gb ram.
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