Self-care: create habits


Self-care: micro-actions to form habits are an application designed to help you improve in the 5 main aspects of your life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial with small daily actions that facilitate creating healthy habits and routines in your life daily.

Increase your energy, improve your physical and mental health, increase your income, eliminate your debts, improve your relationships, lose weight, sleep better, take things easy, live without stress, stay motivated and achieve your goals, we want to see you happy, and that is why we created this app. We know how difficult it is to form good habits and discard bad ones. That is why this app is designed so that without realizing it you progress little by little until you can form healthy routines.

Based on extensive research, we have created a varied list of micro-actions, strategically selected to help you improve specific points of each of the aspects of your life easily and without being boring. You decide how much you want to improve in each area and how much you want to advance each day.

Motivate your friends to grow together with you, watch their progress, share micro-actions, and see who the best in each area is. Doing it together is easier and more fun! Become the best version of you! Start changing your life! Free download: self-care: micro-actions to form habits


Hey! We will always be happy to hear from you, your opinion is very valuable to us. Do you have a problem adding a habit in your life? Do you want us to add something to the app? Is something not working as you expected? Get in touch with us and we will gladly assist you.

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