I researched a bit about ynh backups and seem easy. I can grab them locally and all that. Still some questions in my head about that, but so far so great. It means we could have 2 great servers for trom and tromland at about 25Euros a month. Thats all.

Here are the services we want to provide: etherpad (unlimited), friendica (unlimited), nextcloud (for now 2GB limited - as much as dropbox offers for free - but we will also include openoffice so anyone can edit documents collaboratively), pixelfed (unlimited), cryptpad (100MB - this amazing tool is geared for documents. 100MB should be enough for now. To put it in perspective, all books we've wrote for TROM, thousands of pages in text format, are around 50MB), peertube (1GB limited - this is tricky, we cant provide more, but 1Gb is enough to do livestreams and then save your video locally if you want - so that we provide peertube as a p2p live stream solution for anyone kinda), lufi (file sharing 2GB, 7 days file storage), rss bridge (unlimited), invidious, biliogram and more such services. Plus SearX ofc.

We tested them, but need a month or so to properly test and setup ;)