We are doomed... today, the TV series "Germany's next Topmodel" started and probably millions of people are watching that shit. You can see young woman walking on a catwalk, making photoshoots etc. - that gets the attention of (not only) young kids who already have twisted values because of TikTok and other social media and they want to become like them: to become a model and a star and to get fame and attention from others. It makes them seek for approval/recognition by external things (how they look like, what clothes they wear etc.) and it also makes them ignorant about the fascinating world and the ugly society we live in. Beauty is nothing more than a subjective thing and we have a book about that called "The ugliness of beauty":
I can also recommend our book "For profit entertainment" which explains how our trade-based society promotes and perpetuates these kinds of ridiculous, exaggerated and nonsense TV series to get as much attention as possible from people:

and btw, this is just the tip of the iceberg - there is so much more crap in television, that I don't even want to mention it.
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